Play to win $50,000

Registrations close Sunday March 7th at 5pm AEDT

Welcome to Ready Trader One

Ready Trader One is a programming challenge run by Optiver Asia Pacific. The competition involves coding a bot that can trade in a simulated market, trading against other teams to deliver the best result. Through a series of tournaments, your team will get feedback on how your bot is performing, and what could be improved to get a better result. You’ll combine programming and analytical skills to make your Autotrader more competitive after each tournament. After a final tournament, the top eight teams will face off in a grand final that’ll be livestreamed to the world. The victorious team in the final match wins $50,000, and the title of Champion.

The Problem

The world’s latest financial instrument has been unveiled – the OPTI-ETF. The market for OPTI-ETF is young and needs help to grow. Your challenge is to build an Autotrader that helps make the OPTI-ETF one of the most actively traded products in the world. Your Autotrader must provide competitive prices and volumes which encourage other participants to trade, while also remaining profitable and staying within pre-defined risk bounds.

This competition is built to mimic some of the work we do every day at Optiver. We like solving problems – the harder, the better.

How the competition works

To succeed, the best Autotraders must balance pricing, execution and risk management to outmatch their rivals in an ultra-competitive market. We’ll run three online tournaments and if you’re in the top eight after the final one, you’ll join us in Sydney for a full-day hackathon to finesse your Autotrader before the final match, which will determine which team is the winner. You’ll also get to experience Optiver’s unique culture, and meet some of your other top-level competitors, as well as some of our leaders and experts.


First, find a team. It can be just you (although we don’t recommend going solo) or yourself and one other (we have a max. team size of 2). To field a well-rounded team, you’ll need to incorporate both programming and data analysis skills.


Do some reading. There are plenty of resources on this website to help you get started. Your team captain will get instructions to setup GIT access and when the competition period begins we’ll provide you with a package of code that you can use to start building your program. You’ll also receive sample data that gives you an idea of how the markets operate and which you can use for testing.


Work with your team to build and optimise your solution and submit it by following the instructions provided with the code.


We’ll run three online tournaments, pitting the submitted Autotraders against each other to find out which ones are the best. After each tournament, we’ll provide you with the log files so you can analyse how your Autotrader performed. We’ll also update the Leaderboard, so you can see which teams are reigning supreme in the competition so far.


Use the feedback in your log file(s) to improve your Autotrader and resubmit your code for the next online tournament.
Good luck!